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Sep. 14th, 2012

So, my laptop is in for repairs and I am having serious separation anxiety issues. To the point where I'm sitting with my mother's iPad on the off chance that something has happened on the interwebs. Yeah, I'm that pathetic, I know.

Jul. 30th, 2012

This is my life.

I go to the Yankees game. I sit in my seat and surrender to the inevitability of the guy behind me explaining EVERY. SINGLE. play to his small child. The camera man comes over to take shots of our section for the center field screen.

And misses me.

By a row.

He's interested in a girl with blue hair who is two rows in front, and so by default of physics he will only manage to film her and the people directly behind her.


(And then Baltimore won.)

But at least I got to see Ichiro in pinstripes.

Now I'm off to finish my tea, take a shower, and attempt to sleep off this weird not-cold that hasn't gone away all week.

Jul. 27th, 2012

It has returned to my attention...

I'm still paying for this journal. I also can't seem to bring myself to part with it and let it go back to basic.


I'll just leave here something that I'm still trying to wrap my brain around.


Also an observation that I will never not be fond of repeating: David Robertson and his high socks. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnf.

Jan. 11th, 2012

So I hear there's been another mass exodus from LJ? Or something? I suppose this would be where I post the obligatory 'I will go down with this ship' .gif, but I don't have one. Really I just can't be buggered to learn the ins and outs of DW or whatever other platform people are using now. I'm too old. IN MY DAY WE USED TYPEWRITERS, AND YOU HAD TO KNOW HOW TO SPELL YOUR OWN WORDS and all that.

I've finally quit Mood. Not because I have anything better lined up, but because I was seriously going to commit homicide if I stayed another month. My last day is next Tuesday. I will probably sing on my way out. In the interim I'm going to be stocking up my fabric stash while my discount is still active. It's not like I have no prospects. I've sent out some applications to theaters that will be starting their summer programming. And at my exit interview today Fabian basically told me that I'm on call as a freelancer for her, with my enthusiastic permission. So there'll be something in the works.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and my father's birthday would be Friday. Oh. And I'm 26 now. If I keep telling myself that I should remember it just in time to turn 27.


Dec. 14th, 2011

STILL have not heard back from my follow up to Dear Old Company regarding my last pay check. Last time I checked my bank account status there was still no deposit of said pay check. I'm emailing Kazuyoshi directly this time, and then I swear if I have to get a lawyer I will. Not over my vacation, but it will happen, and they will pay me my dues. Bitches. >:(

IN other news, vacation is so damn close I can taste it. ONE WEEK. Then I don't have to think about Mood and their psychotic owners or at least another week and a half - just about applying for new positions since I won't have to worry about my internship. Current plans are three days in Bath, seeing capncosmo for the first time in waaaaaaay too long, then two in York so I can be at York Minster for Midnight Mass, and finally 4 in Edinburg - where I did not get to spend nearly enough time the last time I was in the area. I fully intend to do nothing more than drink tea and take pictures. That will be the best damn change of pace ever.

FINALLY: I never put up a Christmas card post. Er. L-LOL? SO. I'm going to use last years' post for my Christmas card list. If you DON'T want to get one, this is your time to tell me to cease and desist. I promise not to be offended. I imagine it's weird getting mail from somebody you don't want to hear from. 8D (If you want one and don't mind it being late, you can also leave your info here - I enjoy sending these things. Comments will be screened.)
Well, shit.

I called my old bank in Japan to see about getting my money finally transferred over to the States. Since we got paid on the 25th of every month for the month before, and my flight was for the 8th, I figured I had one more pay check due in. In checking the last five transactions, however, that check is nowhere to be seen. There was no payment made for March in April. And to make matters worse, I can't find my March pay slip for February.

I really don't know what to do right now.

Nov. 6th, 2011

I have endeavored to keep from whinging about customers. It gets old fast, I know. But this has been building up for a while - hopefully by posting this late I'll miss most of the friend's list.

Look, I'll even cut it so you don't have to accidentally read it as you scroll by! 8DCollapse )

And now that's done with. We move on to the Monthly Post.

Halloween... sort of came and went. With apocalypse-indicating snow, sure, but between two jobs I think I was too tired to enjoy my Saturday party and God knows working through Monday assured that all I did on the 31st was retire to my room with tea and my computer. I didn't have much of a costume for anything, either, which only made me feel even more that it wasn't really Halloween.

I did go to the Steampunk Haunted House and that was amazing. Alice in Wonderland themed, it featured every character except the Cheshire Cat (the only thing missing from the experience, really), very careful and detailed decorating, and an interactive adventure (in the sense that there were special rooms that your friend might go into that you were directed away from, and two main paths to be split up on) it was very theatrical. There were ups and downs and complete darkness and LOTS AND LOTS of creepy giggling and children with wide eyes staring at you intently. The sound effects and music were amazing. Everything added up to make sure that you went through the house with a constant sense of anticipation and suspense knotting your stomach - way more thrilling than having a monster pop out at you with a canned cackle. I wanted to keep going through it so I could see the rest of the paths and special rooms, but that would have gotten way too expensive way too quickly. orz

Oct. 9th, 2011

I feel like I very seriously do not know where time has gone. In fact, the last date I can feel certain of passing is September 14th - and for no particular reason except that H. at my intern said 'IS IT SERIOUSLY SEPTEMBER 14TH?!' at one point. And I kind of remember September 30th because we had a Mood staff meeting that made me get up an hour early. After that, it's all a long, long blur of what I shall assume was routine life. I assume this as nothing really sticks out.

There was talk of a date but it didn't happen and I don't actually remember when it was supposed to be.

Nothing of real significance has passed at Mood. As of last week I'm part time there and my pay check is a little more suck than it used to be. I'm also still nowhere near reaching this quota thing that is supposed to give me a whole extra $100 - if that - yet I am told just about every day I walk in that I help the most people out of ANYONE IN THE STORE. Maybe this is just me, but I think it should tell them that maybe my quota needs to be a fuck-ton lower if I am helping the most people in the store and still at only 12% instead of 20% or whatever it is.

This weekend is the point from which I will be basing my next point of reference. An old college friend came up late on Thursday night and stayed until Saturday evening. Friday I worked, but following work we went to Swing 46. Swing 46 is a delightful jazz and supper club and I'm sad I didn't know about it earlier. They have live bands, good food, and little free mini-lessons before the live music starts. G. and I danced until 12:00. We also talked with the one of the mini-lesson instructors and I got myself a 10% discount card for dance lessons at a studio not so far from Mood.

We also got a private lesson on Saturday. The lesson was from 1:00 to 2:00 and was mostly in '30s style Charleston. After that G. and I went up on the High Line. The High Line is a second of old above-ground railroad that has long been abandoned. It's all the way over on the west side and currently runs from 30th street to Washington street. They're trying to buy the rail all the way to where it ends on 34th, but it remains to be seen if they will be able to. Basically they've done a VERY careful job of creating a series of gardens to make it appear that nature has taken over the abandoned tracks. There are also tiny lawns for people to sit on and a flat area of flowing water that can be walked it. It's pretty amazing.

And tonight I was invited to the dress rehearsal of Chinglish, a new comedy which is going into previews on Tuesday. It's AWESOME. The premise is that a western businessman tries to get himself into business in China and has no idea what he's doing. He also can't speak Chinese and so has to rely on interpreters - who don't always know English. The play is, in fact, half in Chinese with super-titles are projected onto various parts of the set. The set employs furniture on moving tracks and two carousels spinning around the stage-left and right pieces to create four entirely different places. I loved it.

I also finished making a couple of birthday presents today. Here's hoping they fit the intended birthday boys. I will post pictures of them after the party this coming Saturday.

Oh! And other thing of non-importance. In what is probably far-too-early anticipatory preparation for maybe possibly moving out sometime in the next half-year, I have a new dresser. It's sitting out in our apartment entrance and is awesome. However, we still don't know if the renovations of the apartment we're looking at have started - or if they even have the permit yet.
I find myself being surprisingly RIDICULOUSLY busy all of a sudden. Greg came in for the weekend and I've been spending all my other time either working or sleeping, though tomorrow I've been invited to the Chinglish dress rehearsal. Will get around to RP replies soon, promise! First I must go break the Yom Kippur fast.


I appear to have joined the post-a-month club. I haven't posted in so long that the change to the entry-writing box are brand new to me. (Assuming they are not, in fact, brand new.)

Any rate, not much is new.

Still working two jobs (really one job and one internship). Am actually giving up a day at Mood to spend two days at the internship, and I am super excited to do so. Mood... is not a good place to work for. They're in the middle of trying to change how they operate and they're not very quick on the uptake when the new things aren't working all that great. The hours are long, the customers are, well, customers, they're trying to completely control all our owed break time, and the bosses are VERY good at noticing when every little thing isn't perfect. It doesn't pay nearly enough; my weekly check basically goes straight into food for the next week and transportation. I'm looking for new work but given the internship I have to find some kind of part time or stay where I am. It's not looking too good either way.

I am trying to get some sewing done but I hardly have time for that any more. Still, a couple pairs of shorts are in the works (one for every day use and one for a costume), and I've been fiddling with bow ties. They're at once hard and not-so-hard to make.

Postseason baseball has started, and that's always exciting. It would be awesome if we could get a game that wasn't rained on, or rained out, though.

The truly new news: I may be moving into an apartment of my own within the next few months. This is exciting. It's literally one block over from where I live now - 26th and 2nd. It's a railroad-style that they're renovating into a two-bedroom and it's surprisingly big. The room I'm claiming for mine has a non-working fireplace with exposed brick and a marble mantel. Now I just need a roommate to take care of half the rent.


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