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I am moving again, at long last, and while a huge part of me really doesn't want to give up anything, I know I have to. So we begin the process of attempting to sell things.

04.2003 - $6 (this is an older magazine, has special Jrs. booklet)

01.2008 (KATTUN/Hey!Say!Best special photograph) $7
02.2008 (Hey!Say!Jump stickers) $6
04.2008 $6
06.2008 (Gokusen 3 [I think] pullout) $7
07.2008 (Gokusen 3 special booklet, Hey!Say!Jump concert pullout, special photographs of some kids I don't much care about) $7
08.2008 (Gokusen 3/Hanadan Final special photograph) $7

01.2009 $6
02.2009 (Hey!Say!Jump stickers, pullouts) $7
03.2009 (Hey!Say!Jump stickers) $6
04.2009 (Hey!Say!7/Best special photograph) $7
05.2009 $6
06.2009 (Hey!Say!Jump special photograph) $7
09.2009 (NYC pullout, Young Song) $7
11.2009 (Arashi anniversary tour poster) $8
12.2009 (Hey!Say!Jump stickers) $6

01.2010 (Hey!Say!Jump stickers) $6
05.2010 $6
06.2010 (Arashi/NYC special photograph) $7
07.2010 (Arashi pullout for Monster) $7

05.2010 has some damage on the back cover, shown here

NOTE: Any issue that came with a Young Song included still has it.

I accept paypal ONLY.
Buyers MUST shoulder shipping costs.
It is $12.95 for flat-rate US domestic shipping.
I will ship internationally to the UK ONLY because shipping is a hot mess. To give you a rough idea - shipping for 3 magazines is $29. The flat rate box that I would need to fit magazines is $60.
I regret to say that I cannot budge on the shipping costs.
I am also open to reasonable negotiations regarding the magazines.
I will not be held responsible for lost mail.
Purchases will be shipped once the money is received.
If you would like clarification on any points, please message me and MAKE SURE I CAN MESSAGE YOU BACK.

If you are interested in purchasing anything, please PM or e-mail me at Laurelindorian@gmail.com to discuss purchase with this order form (subject JE Sale):

Form of Payment:
Desired Issue:


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Jan. 19th, 2013 09:51 am (UTC)
Hi :)

I have a question are you only selling mag..? or are you selling other things...like concert goods/cds and dvds and such?
Jan. 19th, 2013 03:02 pm (UTC)
Re: question
Hello. :)

At the moment I am only selling magazines. I only ever got to one concert, so I won't sell the goods from that. I may sell my singles at some point, but right now I'm not. Thank you!
Jan. 22nd, 2013 04:29 am (UTC)
Hi there. ^^ Do you happen to know if any magazines have A.B.C-Z or Arashi posters still attached? If so, I may be interested.
Jan. 22nd, 2013 04:44 am (UTC)

Regard if the magazines have posters or not,

Myojo 07.2010 has a two-page pullout advertising the Monster single (not a full-size poster though).
Myojo 10.2009 has the same pullout advertising the 5x10 album.
Myojo 11.2009 has a full-size poster of the 5x10 tour.

Popolo 05.2009 has a full-size Arashi poster.
Popolo 06.2009 has a three-page pullout of Sho on one side and Arashi on the other.
Popolo 08.2009 has a three-page pullout of Aiba/Arashi
Popolo 12.2009 has a three-page pullout of Ohno/Arashi
Popolo 06.2010 also has a three-page pullout of Ohno/Arashi.

Hope that helps!
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