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03.2008 (KATTUN poster, NEWS pullout, special photograph of Arashi, all-JE tour booklet thingy) $10
04.2008 (Kanjani8 poster - has a fold in the corner over Maru but does not reach Maru, special photograph KATTUN/Yamapi, some sort of Hey!Say!Jump booklet) $8
05.2008 (KATTUN poster, special photograph Ryo Nishikido/some kids I don't know in a drama) $8
07.2008 (KATTUN/kids in Gokusen poster) $7
11.2008 (special photograph Nino and Ryo/some kids in a drama) $7
12.2008 (special photograph Kanjani8/Hey!Say!JUMP) $7

There is a fold in the back cover of 12.2008

01.2009 (KATTUN/Hey!Say!JUMP double-sided poster, Potato special book) $8
02.2009 (Arashi poster, Kanjani8 poster, Hey!Say!JUMP pullout) $9
03.2009 (Kanjani 8/Johnny's Countdown double-sided poster, Ohno Satoshi pullout, special book) $8
04.2009 $6
11.2009 (Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun double-sided poster, Ninomiya Kazunari/Ohno Satoshi double-sided poster, Sakurai Sho/Arashi double-sided poster, special book - slight dent in the upper right corner of the cover) $10
12.2009 (Aiba Masaki & Hina My Girl/Yamapi poster) $7

01.2010 (Kinki Kids/News double-sided poster, Arashi/Hey!Say!Jump double-sided poster, and 2009 special book) $9
11.2010 (Arashi Scene tour/News double-sided poster, Arashi Scene tour special booklet, and Kanjani 8/Hey!Say!7West poster) $9

02.2008 (KATTUN/Hey!Say!JUMP pullout) $6
09.2008 (special photograph of Yamapi/Kinki Kids) $7
10.2008 (Kanjani8 poster) $8
11.2008 (NEWS poster, special photograph of Nino/some Jrs. in a drama or something) $8
12.2008 (Kanjani8 poster, special photograph of Aiba/some Jrs. in a drama or something) $8

01.2009 (KATTUN poster) $8
02.2009 (Koichi Domoto [of Kinki Kids] poster) $8
03.2009 (special book of Jrs.) $7
04.2009 $6
05.2009 (Kanjani 8 pullout) $7
06.2009 (Sakurai Sho being adorable with a kid poster, special photo of Toma) $8
07.2009 (Kazunari Ninomiya poster) $7
08.2009 (Yamapi poster, special photo of BIShadow) $8
09.2009 (Arashi poster, special photo of NYC/Domoto Koichi) $8
10.2009 (Ohno Satoshi poster, special photo of Subaru, Kame, Tegoshi/Takki and Nishikido Ryo) $8
11.2009 (Aiba Masaki poster, special photo of Kis-my-ft2) $8
12.2009 (special photo of Aiba and Hina/Ohkura and Yasu) $7

This crease is along the bottom of the back cover of issue 07.2009. There is a similar crease in the same place on 08.2009.

11.2010 (Arashi poster, Kanjani8/NYC double-sided pullout) $8
12.2010 (Kis-my-ft2 stickers, Arashi poster, KATTUN poster) $8

01.2011 (Arashi poster, some form of Hey!Say!Jump pullout) $8

I accept paypal ONLY.
Buyers MUST shoulder shipping costs.
It is $12.95 for flat-rate US domestic shipping.
I will ship internationally to the UK ONLY because shipping is a hot mess. To give you a rough idea - shipping for 3 magazines is $29. The flat rate box that I would need to fit magazines is $60.
I regret to say that I cannot budge on the shipping costs.
I am also open to reasonable negotiations regarding the magazines.
I will not be held responsible for lost mail.
Purchases will be shipped once the money is received.
If you would like clarification on any points, please message me and MAKE SURE I CAN MESSAGE YOU BACK.

If you are interested in purchasing anything, please PM or e-mail me at Laurelindorian@gmail.com to discuss purchase with this order form (subject JE Sale):

Form of Payment:
Desired Issue:


May. 24th, 2013 03:42 pm (UTC)
I know, it's pretty hideous. Shipping USPS did used to be about 12USD and then last year they doubled all the prices. Fed Ex and UPS are the other major options in New York right now and both of them quote around 100USD for the same package.

The good news about flat-rate is that even if you order 5 magazines, it won't change from 23USD - at least until they change all shipping prices.

I can take the two magazines and see about weighing them for postage to your address, but I would need your postcode to be certain of the exact price. Let me know via PM if you'd like me to do that!


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