U I vethed na I onnad.

Si boe u-dhanna.

Elspeth Caoilfhionn Kincaide; called Elle
8 January
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Hello and welcome. You have somehow found your way to my lonely corner of the interwebs. Here you will find a young woman who wishes she was a lot more than she is. She would like to chanel the grace and beauty of the years past, but doesn't have the bearing or manners for it. She would like to be a good person and friend, but simply isn't. She would like to pretend she is pretty, but finds it quite hard when she has to look at herself in the mirror everyday. She used to believe she could write well, but has since been dissuaded from that view. She has no particular talents or amazing intellect to call her own, but surrounds herself with people who do. Good for her ego, it is not.

& Interests: Asia. History. Costuming. Writing. Tea. Baseball.
& Re, baseball: I am a rabid Yankees fan. Get over it.
& Hobbies: I write. Mostly gay porn. Read it: typesetpress. I sew. Not well, but I do it.
& Journal: My father died not even a year ago. Since then, I am alternately depressed, angry, lonely, and manically happy about ridiculous things. Without warning.
& Lives: As a hermitic, largely friendless ALT in Japan.
& Other: I love me some fanlistings.
& Ships: Arashi/Arashi, Yankees/Yankees, Seimei/Hiromasa


i'm in ravenclaw!


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